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A pest attack can damage a newly built area or infect an already existing building and ruin the infrastructure and materials. EZ Global Pest Control offers a solution to get rid of the Pests. We make sure to control the pests before they do the damage. Unfortunately, if the pests have already attacked, it is our duty to give you a pest-free space.

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EZ Global Pest Control

Pest Inspection & Extermination

The primary step to controlling pests is Pest inspection. Our team of professionals begins the process by inspecting the area to find out potential pest attacks. Once the roots have been found, we move on towards pest extermination; whereby pest exterminators work towards getting rid of the pests that have infested the area.

Building Pest Control

Building Pest Control Services

Pests not only attack closed spaced but they can also raid a full building. Especially offices where there is a lot of furniture and papers are a common target for the pests. Hence, to prevent the pests from attacking the building, EZ Global Pest Control offers a building pest control service whereby we take precautionary measures to control a potential infestation of the pests. We undergo conventional methods, manual pest control methods and may use chemicals to control the pest. After the treatment, the building becomes protected from pests.

We exterminate all pests




Get rid of and block the tiny ants from entering your protected areas. These ants can cause itching, rashes; thus, we make sure to stop them.



Cockroaches are dirty and bring their filth with them; hence, we make sure to send them away from your spaces.



Mosquitoes have proven to spread diseases; hence, we offer a solution to prevent them from even coming near to the treated space.



Termites can truly eat the wood and crumble it on the ground; thus, we help in saving your precious and valuable furniture from Termites.


Rats & Rodents

Rats and Rodents can hide in spaces and it becomes a challenge to get rid of them; however, we have our ways to show them the exit.

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Office Pest Control

Office Pest Control Services

Offices are an ideal space for the pests to attack because they are closed spaces with lots of equipment that these pests feed on. Termites, ants, cockroaches can eat up the furniture and the mosquitoes make it unbearable to stay in the office for long hours. EZ Global Pest Control offers office pest control services to prevent all sorts of pests and insects from entering or raiding the office. Pests may invade even during the construction phase so our construction pest control service makes sure we take all the precautions beforehand. 


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Bird Proofing Service

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Being among the Top 5 Best Pest Control Companies in Penang, EZ Global Pest Control is committed to providing a long-lasting pest extermination service.