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EZ Global Pest Control Service has been a popular pest control service provider in Penang and in Malaysia for the last few years. We specialize in the identifying, reducing and removing a wide range of pests from homes, offices and any other types of buildings as well. Among the types of pests that we mainly exterminate include ants, cockroaches, termites, rats, rodents and mosquitoes. Our services has had a proven track record of being successful and reliable due to its long lasting and thorough effect. We also provide consultation and extermination service in Penang for pre-construction and post construction buildings that require any sort of pest removal as well.

Extermination Service

Pest Extermination Service

EZ Global is committed to proving the best Pest extermination service in Penang. We have proven to perform the service not only in houses but also in offices, commercial buildings, warehouses, and more. The highly trained pest exterminators who perform this job on a daily basis have gained years of experience, which makes them perfect at their job. Once the extermination is done, no trace of infestation is found in the area. Furthermore, we make sure to prevent any potential future attack from the pests by taking extra precautions and using measures that will make it highly unlikely.

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What We Offer

Pest Inspection

The primary step to controlling pests is Pest inspection. Our team of professionals begins the process by inspecting the area to find out potential pest attacks. We also look for the type of infestation, which pests have attacked, and potential threats and then move on to coming up with a strategy to overcome these attacks.

Pest Control & Reduction

Pest Control and Reduction by EZ Global Pest Control involves controlling a potential area that could be attacked by the pests. Our team of professionals inspect the area and then perform all the measures that would control all sorts of pests. If the pests have already attacked, we tend to reduce them by getting rid of them.

Pest Extermination

The Pest Extermination at EZ Global Pest Control involves getting rid of the pests completely. We undergo several traditional, conventional, and chemical techniques depending upon the nature of the infestation, species of the pest, and size of the infestation. The Extermination leaves the area free of any sort of pests.

Pest Control

Office Pest Control

Offices are an ideal space for the pests to attack because they are closed spaces with lots of equipment that these pests feed on. Termites, ants, cockroaches can eat up the furniture and the mosquitoes make it unbearable to stay in the office for long hours. EZ Global Pest Control offers the best office pest control service for offices to prevent all sorts of pests and insects from entering or raiding the office. Pests may invade even during the construction phase so our construction pest control service makes sure we take all the precautions beforehand. 

Ants PEST Control
Mosquitoes PEST Control
Pest Control

Building Pest Control

Pests not only attack closed spaced but they can also raid a full building. Especially, the offices where there is a lot of furniture and papers are a common target for the pests. Hence, to prevent the pests from attacking the building, EZ Global Pest Control offers a building pest control service whereby we take precautionary measures to control a potential infestation of the pests. We undergo conventional methods, manual pest control methods, and may use chemicals to control the pest. After the treatment, the building becomes protected from pests. A building free of pests is a building where you can function properly.