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Termites are a significant and continuous threat to the value of any home. That is why, in order to avoid difficulties, we engage new construction termite treatment. The best technique to keep subterranean invaders away from a new home’s timber framework is to make it undesirable to them. Properties built on land previously used for rubber trees and oil palm plantations were a major source of termite infestation. Based on the probable risk, a pre-construction termite solution is tailored to your environment, safety, and budget.


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Our treatment is performed during the pre-construction phase by spraying the termiticide under and around the concrete base before laying slabs of concrete on the ground. Subterranean termites are exposed to termiticide as they burrow across treated zones in search of food. The injured termites will then physically transmit the termiticide to other termites, thereby lowering the population and attaining colony control.


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EZ Global Pest Control can help you find the best new construction termite treatment for termite infestation in your area. The greatest strategy to keep subterranean invaders away from a new home’s wooden framework is to make it so unappealing that they will avoid it. Our termite control strategy sends unwelcome guests packing by creating a virtual barrier in the soil during new construction.


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New construction treatment may be costly upfront, but it will save you money in the long run. We’ll help you choose the right treatment for your project and monitor the progress of your project. We’ll be here to help you choose the correct treatment for your needs and monitor the progress of your project with sophisticated termite treatment services for your new construction. We provide effective pretreatment procedures.

New Construction Termite Treatment
Termite Treatments

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Although termites are not disease-carrying pests, their infestation can have a substantial impact on your building’s structural soundness or the value of your property. The likelihood of an infestation can be reduced if the new structure is treated with termiticides prior to the pouring of concrete. Developers should keep in mind that when a property is infested with termites, the value of the property drops and the restoration costs can be prohibitively expensive.

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We understand that thinking about termites invading your property in years to come is daunting. That is why EZ Global Pest Control is here to help. We believe that precaution is better than cure. Our team of extermination experts will ensure that your new construction will be protected from termite attacks.