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rats & rodents control

Rats & Rodents

Rats & Rodents Control

Rats and Rodents mark their territory by running and hiding into places. They tend to stay in one place for days and you would only hear them make sounds and eat up your things. They not only damage the property but are also a threat to your health and safety. At EZ Global Pest Control, we identify the intruding rats, mice, and rodents, decide the most amazing way to get them out of your property and then perform rat control and rat exterminator measures to keep them from reentering your home.


Rat & Rodent Inspection

Rat and Rodent hide in places and it is a challenge to find them. Our team of experts began by inspecting your home, we look for traces of invasion and find potential places of shelter for the rats and rodents. We look for the entry points that have allowed these rodents to come in.


Rat & Rodent Prevention

Rat and Rodent prevention involves inspecting the area and then closing and sealing all the spaces and places that let them come into your home. Moreover, potential hiding places are closed. We not only use rodenticide but also use techniques such as rodent proofing, harborage reduction, trapping, and increasing attention to sanitation.


Rat & Rodent Extermination

Rat and Rodent extermination is one of the hardest and dangerous processes; however, our crew of specialists carefully identify and locate them and force them out of your home. We make use of different traps such as snap trap, electronic trap, multiple catch live mouse trap, glue trap to catch the rats and rodents that might be trying to run away. Moreover, a variety of techniques are applied to get rid of them. 

Rats PEST Control
Rat & Rodent Extermination

Rat & Rodent Extermination Experts

You might be wondering who is the best rat exterminator near and rodent control near me? Our Rat and Rodent extermination experts have proven to secure various spaces against the rodents. These places include but are not limited to attic, turbine and gable vents, dryer and oven vents, foundation grates and pipe opening, garage door opening, gaps between exterior walls and roofing fascia, roof returns, and plumbing vents, and more.

Your Trusted Rat & Rodent Exterminators

Our team of professionals will treat your home as their home and get rid of each and every rat and rodent until your house is free from them. These professionals have more than five years of experience dealing with pest infestations and are committed to doing their jobs to their fullest potential.